Иннова-а-ация, девять на двенадцать (c:)

We're programmers based in Russian Federation — Moscow and St. Petersburg (GMT+4).

Please, send us a mail to get info or support for our products: E-mail: contact@05bit.com

Brillixy (beta)

Meet new skin & customizations kit for Django framework admin interface.

— FREE fro NON-commercial usage
— $25 for single developer commercial license

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# Projects

# Проекты

Apps for iPhone / iPad

How the Mouse Played with the Ball
— interactive educational book for children from age 1 to age 2+ by Alexander Klein, app for iPad
One Photo
— wallet with the only photo, app for iPhone

Open source

— another approach for generic views in Django
— some spice for Django

Web projects

— simple photo gallery publishing
— minimalistic web service for keeping notes
— blogging platform powered by Django

# Meet our team

# Наша команда