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05Bit Studio is a team of UX/UI designers and full stack developers. We build web and mobile apps following the lean approach. Keeping focus on what's really important for your business. Using proven and productive technologies to deliver valuable product.

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Core team

Alex Kinev
CEO, Full Stack Developer
Can build first product version in a couple days.
Vasya Sadovnikov
CIO, Full Stack Developer
Can dive into the very heart of any technology. And then dive out safely.
Anne Artemova
UX / UI Designer
Never stops until it's perfect. Or product manager is begging to.


Spheroid Universe AR

AR application platform powered by blockchain with web and mobile front-end.

Within Spheroid Universe surface of the Earth is divided into many square "spaces". Anyone can purchase such "spaces" and place virtual objects there. It's a whole new parallel world built on top of reality.

We've created prototype and architecture for Spheroid Universe AR to kickstart the project development on the very early stage.

Geo services AR OpenStreetMap Web app

I-MNE shop

I-MNE is online shop with organic food, one of the first and the best in Russia with branches over the country and CIS.

Our team was in charge for building internal IT infrastructure to integrate offline and online purchase modules, website, CRM and stock balance. The developed solutions helped to increase orders delivery rate by providing the automation of stock and delivery pipelines.

Django PostgreSQL ERP

Reebok In Parks

Online service for Reebok to book free workouts in public parks.

In year 2014 Reebok started great project in Russia, Moscow. Everyone could visit free workouts with professional fitness instructors. But for the first year no special technical solution was used.

Our team was happy to build a web application for booking and managing workouts.

We actually love building software for community powered services!

Django PostgreSQL Web app


Just a website. Really. Products. Company news. About the company info, etc.

Sometimes a company with $100M ARR needs a normcore website with admin interface to work for years without hassle. Django web framework is really good fit for that.

Yes. Sometimes we build just websites. Wow.

Django PostgreSQL Web site

iOS / iPad game for kids

“How the Mouse Played with the Ball” designed and authored by Alexander Klein is a simple and really cute game-book carefully crafted for little kids.

Meet the Mouse and her friend Frog. Catch a butterfly. Find the Ball and play with it!

Kind story about friendship, catchy music and professional voice over are inside.

As of December 2019 game was unpublished. We hope it will be available soon.

Objective-C Cocos2D iOS Game

Tech stack

Technologies that we use on daily basis:

Python Django Flask TensorFlow PyTorch PostgreSQL Redis NATS Docker JavaScript Vue ReactNative C/C++ Objective-C Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Digital Ocean


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